Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February Blog Hop

Welcome to the CTMH Rose Blossom's February blog hop!  I am sure you've seen some really beautiful projects from our team using this gorgeous "Hello Lovely" paper!  If you have come from sweet Mary's Pixie Dust Playground, you are moving in the right direction and I know you have seen some beautiful work!

 My contribution this time is simple and I have had to battle a comedy of errors along the way to get this done-- but the lesson here is never give up! LOL! :) To be more specific, I realized last night at 11:00 pm that TODAY was the day for the hop!  Did I have a project complete? That would be "No!" Did I panic a little-- yes!! I thought about calling in sick (To craft?  Yes, please!), but in all honesty, I have an extremely challenging class this year, and I just couldn't do it. It takes an awful lot for me to take a day off, and my conscience wouldn't let me. So, I ran home as soon as we had the "all clear" and I pulled out my paper. Could I find the stamps I wanted to use? Again, no. Well, the good news is that this WTW Hello Lovely packet has the most amazing set of Complements!  I trimmed the I and the U in the word "Beautiful" to make them smaller and used one of the gorgeous heart stickers to make my I heart U sentiment. I used one of the stunning floral stickers, a portion of the PML page for a frame and the zip strip trim and sparkle gems for embellishment. Voila! A pretty little card in very little time at all. :)  I realized my challenges were not over, though. My camera was no where to be found. So... iPhone to the rescue-- however, our 200 year old computer has some limited capabilities... and that, plus my own personal struggles with technology, put me a bit further into panic mode. Let's just say it took me an hour and 15 minutes to upload and edit (as the computer kept shutting down, re-starting and "repairing" -- thank goodness that worked btw!) my 1 single photo.  But, there it is. :) A testimony to perseverance! 

In all honesty, Hello Lovely was not my favorite paper in the Seasonal Expressions. I tend to run away from anything with peach or apricot tones.HOWEVER, after working with this paper and the gorgeous complements, I will tell you I now truly love it!  If you are at all hesitant, I would tell you that you will be amazed by how stunning this paper is in person. You. Will. Love. It.  I promise!

Now, hop on along to Kelly's beautiful blog, where I know you will be inspired!

xoxo-- until next time!

P.S.-- I think a new camera and computer are in my near future! Off to the Walmarts! lol!