Monday, January 21, 2013

Smile Therapy

So last week was a tough one in kindergarten! The excitement of being back to school (yes, they were excited to be be at school!) had worn off and we were back to business as usual. The kids were stir crazy from no outdoor recess-- no outdoor anything thanks to the rain-- and kids were moving their behavior clips faster than you could blink. I took the opportunity to share with them something I heard about on the radio years ago (and if you hear about it on the radio, it's definitely true, right? AND it has been confirmed by the internet! DOUBLY true! lol.). I told them about Smile Therapy. Yep-- Smile Therapy-- the very act of smiling itself makes you feel better. :) So, sometimes, on the way to school, sitting alone in my car, I will just randomly smile. For no good reason other than to just feel better. Try it! It really works. I'm not kidding-- look it up... it's true-- it's on the internet. lol.

And speaking of smiles, this paper from Close to My Heart, called Flirty, really makes me smile. I love the bright colors. The layout is from this week's Mojo Monday sketch.

Here's the sketch:

Thanks for taking a look! Don't forget to take a little time-- or a lot of time-- to smile today!

Materials (all CTMH):
Paper:  Flirty patterned paper, Colonial White cardstock and, Flirty Raspberry cardstock
Stamps: Flirty Workshop on the Go stamp set
Ink: Chocolate Exclusive Inks
Other: Clear Sparkle Gems, Flirty Chipboard Complements 


  1. Pretty Card! Love how your subtle background matches you designer paper square.

  2. Cute card Kristine. I also love your story about smiling. When I'm out and about I like to randomly smile at people I pass to see if they will return the experiment.

  3. Smile therapy is such a great idea! Now I will have to try it. Your card is just so pretty with the perfect touches!!

  4. Kristine,

    Darling Mojo!! I can't believe how quickly this card came together for you. I stare at a blank piece of paper for hours before it comes together!! Love the Flirty papers!!

  5. Great card! Thanks for the smile therapy :D

  6. Hi Kristine, first time in your blog. I love what you did with the Mojo Monday sketch. Beautiful...keep smiling!!

  7. Really cute card! I'm doing a Flirty workshop next week. Do you mind if I use your card for inspiration?

    1. I don't mind at all! Thanks for the compliment!

  8. I finally had a chance to catch with your blog today and I must say, all this inspiration has made me smile ... no therapy necessary! I love that you share your artwork with us!

  9. Love the card! And to echo Marg, thanks for the smile! (I needed it on this gloomy monday...)

  10. What a pretty design. Your post made me smile!