Friday, March 14, 2014

You are so... 3x3's

My little project is moving right along!  A couple more sets and I will be ready to pop them in the mail. I really like this set... I kept the design simple (Well, mostly because I had a long day!  I tutor 2 groups of kids 5th grade Math after school... and I'll just say 2 things about that-- Fifth grade math ain't what it used to be, and fifth grade boys can be even moodier than fifth grade girls! yikes!! lol. It's a challenge for this kindergarten teacher, but I enjoy it and I really love the kids).

Sooo... back to the cards! ;) The paper is from the MME Lime Twist collection and the stamps are from Verve. I love this stamp set! It just arrived in the mail yesterday. One stamp says "You are so" and then you can add "awesome," "loved," "precious," etc.  Love, love, love it!!

Whoops!  Missed my bedtime... It's Friday already!  Better hop in bed.
Until next time,
Kristine :)

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