Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I recently participated in a card swap with members from my crafting team. The challenge was to feature the new colors in the CTMH palette. Well, challenge accepted! Those new colors are so pretty, I was really excited about the challenge! I had ordered the Paper Fundamentals set that included the new colors and, as we say in kindergarten, I put my thinking cap on!  I had a vision for what I wanted, and this is what I came up with...

I wanted to use ALL of the colors and patterns, so I thought I'd try something new (to me!). To achieve the effect of the diagonally striped patterned paper, I cut the Paper Fundamentals patterned paper in strips that were a variety of widths. I took 2 pieces of white copy paper and put them side by side (to create a bigger canvas), and glued the strips diagonally to the paper. I used the Bonding Memories glue to attach the pieces securely to the copy paper, knowing that I was going to cut the sentiment from this "new" paper with the Cricut and there would be tiny cuts and angles (didn't want all of the tiny pieces to fall off!). Here's what my patchwork paper looked like after I cut it with the Cricut:

I was inspired by a card from Aaron Brown where she used the same technique, but used the reverse image on her card-- the background with the negative space image was used for the sentiment. Her card uses glitter paper and is fabulous!  :)
Well, I hope today was a great day for you and tomorrow is even better!


  1. Aahaaa! Now I get it! So glad you shared your gorgeous card and how you made it. It is even prettier in person. Great technique. I'm gonna have to lift this one.

  2. I loooooooooove how you're thinking cap works!! These are so much fun. I wish I had one!

  3. Oh so smart!!! I love this card and I am glad to have one!! XOXO

  4. Thank goodness for those thinking caps!! Gorgeous & creative....I'm one of the lucky ones who received one 😉