Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Shame...

Well, I have been on craft hiatus for several weeks now. So much going on...  "Life happens," as they say!  So, when my niece's birthday rolled around, I had nuthin'. And, I'll be honest, my crafting mojo was on a bit of hiatus as well.  So, I sent my sweet Mister out on a mission to purchase a birthday card (the horror! lol!). Usually, I can count on him for errands of this kind-- he has fetched all kinds of odds and ends over the years with no complaint from me. But this time... this time... he came home with this. The World's Ugliest Card.  I think that is an official title, so I am capitalizing the letters. I honestly am not sure what about this card screamed "teenage girl whom we love dearly" to him, but there it is.  Needless to say, I searched high and low in our cabinets and closets for a suitable substitute. I just couldn't give this to my niece.  Can you guess the sentiment inside? I'll bet you can!  Scroll to the bottom of the picture for the answer! :)

"Rock Star. Party Like One."

Yup. That card is beautiful AND brilliant!  lol.  So...  I am wasting no time!  I am pulling out my crafty things-- must avoid another near disaster. 

Peeps, learn from my mistakes!  Stay crafty my friends!



  1. OMG, this made me laugh! Yes, you must make a card!!!

  2. Too FUNNY! I have to agree with you .. U.G.L.Y.! Aren't we the spoiled ones with our great selection of papers and bling? I can't even imagine the look on your niece's face if she were to open this .... I'm quite sure she's come to expect one of your lovelies in every envelope you hand her! Great blog post ... thanks for the chuckle!

  3. LOL!!! :D Been there WAY too often. My family now just looks hurt to the core if they get a store bought card from me. It's nice to be appreciated though... ;-) Maybe DH was just trying to jump-start that mojo through know, like scaring the hiccups out of ya! ;-D