Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Woohoo!  It's almost summer!  I am so excited for the coming summer break! It has been a great school year for me-- full of new adventures, a lot of learning and growth! After seven years of teaching kindergarten, I offered to go to second grade this past year. I love second graders-- their "maturity" (well, compared to a kindergartener!), their humor and their helpfulness. I have really enjoyed the curriculum, too.  I found that I love teaching multiplication and division!  Who knew? :) Yet---  I am SO thrilled to find that next year I will be going back to kindergarten!  That is where my heart truly is. I really love teaching reading and writing from the very beginning. I love to see the growth and so many "aha" moments when literacy just clicks. I love being a part of helping those five year olds become real readers and writers.

These are pictures of my very first kindergarten classroom back in 2004. I had so much fun setting the room up and now I look forward to setting up my new kindergarten room. Don't get me wrong-- I am most definitely looking forward to summer break-- it is much needed, but there is something so special about kindergarten and I can't wait to get back there.

This scrapbook page was so easy to put together with CTMH's digital scrapbooking program. Let Studio J help you document your special memories!



  1. Those little ones are so blessed to have you as their teacher. Your passion as a teacher really shines through your words and even more so through this layout!

  2. The patterns and colors you chose really let your enthusiasm shine right through this layout. Its great that you photogragh these moments and share your teaching experience through scrapbooking. Bravo Kristine!

  3. These layouts are adorable! I agree with Brenda, your students are blessed to have you as their teacher. Your love for Kindergarten really shows in this post. My very first teaching job was in Kindergarten and I revisited the year after I completed my Masters. It is a very special grade level and needs special teachers like you! TFS